A word that will change your life – New Years resolutions don’t work

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Now that the new year is coming, everyone is running around trying to establish goals and objectives to fulfill in the new year. But let’s be honest, a large part of these resolutions are forgotten by the end of the month or maybe even by the end of the week. 

This does not mean that we cannot or do not want to change, rather it means that we establish things that we want to change in our lives, but we do not follow a strategy that really allows us to make this change.

For example, many people want to lose weight or establish an exercise routine and they just commit to starting a whole new routine by next Monday. And of course, this motivation does not last long, because our habits and our beliefs are things that automatically make us go against what we really want. We cannot change everything in one day, not because we can’t but because we are not using the correct strategy. 

How to achieve our goals

Add positive things instead of eliminating everything

If we really want to make a change in our life, we need to adopt a strategy that really works for us. It has been proven that making choices like all or nothing, that is, not eating anything processed at all, or choosing to do 2 hours of exercise a day, when you come from doing just the opposite, will not last long and this strategy is destined to fail.

However, we can start by establishing small habits that add up and that in a short time create a really healthy routine.

Adding positive stuff and activities rather than subtracting helps more than removing absolutely everything.

Read more about this in The Foolproof Strategy for Creating New Habits

Word of the year - Angie Ramos

Work with your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is super powerful and can actually keep you where you are at the moment or if you know how to use it it can help you enormously.

All our habits and beliefs are stored in our subconscious, so it is essential to do an inner work that allows you to change and eliminate everything that is blocking you from making faster and more effective changes.

If you want to work with me, I invite you to schedule your coaching session where we work with an emotional detox and a procedure to eliminate traumas and blockages that will allow you to make those changes that you really want.

Today I am sharing with you an exercise that allows you to work with your subconscious to make this year one of the most aligned with your desires.

Choose your word of the year

Today I am going to share with you some of the most effective and easy exercises that my NLP and hypnosis teacher, Mike Mandel shared with us and that you cannot imagine the great effect it will have on you this year.

Imagine what this 2021 would be like if you could just fulfill those wishes that you have at this moment.

You will be surprised by how simple it works.


You just have to choose a word that you want to achieve in this next year.

The secret is that the word should only be ONE and that you keep it as simple as possible. But don’t choose just any word, this word should be something that inspires you. A word that reflects your highest self. A word that harnesses the energy you want to embody throughout the whole year. 

When you choose the word of the year, you say to your unconscious mind,

This is what I want. Will you remind me of it all year long?

Here are 3 steps to choose your word of the year.


Think about that New Years Resolution you were about to make. Vividly imagine that it is December 31 and you have made it! You achieved the goal and you are reaping all the benefits of your success.

Allow yourself to dream big!

When you have this, do you think about what this desire produces in you?

Does it give you peace? Freedom? Joy? Relief? Health? Vitality?

Your answer to this question could be your word of the year.


Close your eyes, sit up straight, and breathe deeply. Try this word.

Say it loud.

How do you feel?

If you like it, you can choose it as your word for next year.

If it’s not super awesome, try a different word. Remember, keep it simple. Trust your intuition.


Install your word.

Again, this is easier than you think.

Close your eyes and let your body relax.

Say, “My word of the year is ________.  Subconscious mind, will you keep this word in front of my mind in 2021? Please help me remember ________.”

Then act like it’s already installed!

Trust your subconscious, it is much more powerful than you think, and this is all you need to make it happen and work for you.

You get extra points for writing your word and storing it in your sock drawer.

You may forget to look at it consciously …

… and your unconscious notices it every time you grab the socks.

Every time you find yourself thinking, “What was my word of the year?” that’s your subconscious reminding you. You will be aware of all the times you have been more ____ in 2021.

Share with me what your word is for this year that begins.

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