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Intuitive Eating Journal

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Forget about restrictions and counting calories

Learn to recognize your hunger and satiety cues so that you achieve a true control of your weight that will last your whole life.

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Recognize how you feel

Enter the foods and beverages you consume and pay attention to how you feel when you do it. This will help you to reconnect with yourself and hear your body signals.

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Create positive habits

It takes you by the hand so you can create new habits that will help you improve your own image, to be more positive and change that mentality that prevents you from being free and enjoying food without restrictions.

Forget about diets and counting calories

Have you tried diet after diet? Have you tried the latest fad diet? Do you continually restrict yourself in your food? Do you avoid going to social gatherings for fear of overeating? Do you tend to binge eating after the diets? Do you eat too many carbs or junk food? Do you yo-yo diet? Or do you weigh yourself daily and depend on the number of the scale to be happy or feel good?

The Intuitive Eating Planner is a daily food journal that will allow you to focus on your emotions, the way you deal with them, building body positivity, and feeling good and healthy.

This Intuitive Eating Journal will help you build the foundations for a new relationship with food and with your body. Start feeling energized, nourished and happy about eating and around food.

If you have been struggling with dieting, emotional eating, or generally stressing about your weight and about food, this is a good start to change.

It will help keep track of your feelings, to be more in tune with your hunger and fullness cues, and discover what foods keep you more satisfied and for how long.


Ditch the diet. No more counting calories.

Do you want to improve your body image and forget about diets forever?

If your answer is yes, then read on and find out why this mindful eating journal will help you achieve a healthier and freer lifestyle.

With intuitive eating, you can change your diet mentality, eliminate the fear of certain foods and learn to trust your body again.

How can this food journal help you?

The intuitive food diary will help you develop a deeper awareness of your eating habits, how you feel when you eat certain foods which will lead you to choose healthier options.

You were born with the inner wisdom of being able to eat intuitively. This diary is structured to help you reconnect with that wisdom and to help you change your life step by step and day by day.

Reach your ideal weight naturally, without obsessing with the scale and developing the love for your own body. Enjoy the food without guilt.

Find the motivation and inspiration to create more positive habits related to your diet and your daily life. Include positive affirmations, recognize your skills, focus on the positive and appreciate your body, this is the foundation of your new positive self-image.

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Basic principles to create a healthier relationship between your body, your mind and your emotions

Intuitive Eating Journal - Angie Ramos Life Coaching

This intuitive feed diary is based on the 10 basic principles of intuitive eating.

It will create a new awareness of:

WHAT YOU DO: The choices you make around food, exercise, rest. You will recognize if your taking care of yourself in mind, body and emotions.

HOW YOU FEEL: You will be able to determine how you feel before, during and after eating. How it affects you mentally, emotionally and physically to eat certain foods.

WHO ARE YOU: Establish your health and weight goals that allow you to be the woman you have always wanted to be. With the confidence that you begin to develop in yourself, the freedom you have when you no longer have self-imposed limitations and restrictions and the motivation you gain every day by feeling good about yourself.

It will allow you to develop a deeper connection with yourself, a more positive attitude, and you will feel much happier.


About Angie

Certified Life Coach – Robbins-Madanes Institute


I am a life coach passionate about helping women to feel good about themselves, to discover their true potential and to improve the relationship they have with their body.

Personally, after many years of yo-yo dieting, I finally find a balance with food, with my body and with myself. Through my personal work and the inclusion of intuitive food in my life I was able to change that love and hate relationship I had with food and finally break with dependence on the scale and size to feel good.

That’s why, now I dedicate my effort and my time in helping you to also find the balance, to help you feel good with yourself, with your body and enjoy the food without guilt.

The intuitive food journal was create with that in mind and I assure you that it will help you to create that balance and you will find a new way to see food and most of all you will feel good in your own body. 

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Intuitive Eating Journal

This Intuitive Eating Journal focuses on helping you to become more attuned to your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals.

You’ll develop a better relationship with food and most importantly you will learn to trust your body and yourself.

Through bullet journaling you will be able to:

Discover trigger foods

Be more conscious of how you feel before, during and after eating

Increase your level of happiness by tracking your mood and identifying good patterns

Create new and positive habits

Practice positive affirmations

Feel better about yourself and about your body

Practice gratitude

Focus on the positive

Discover where and how to improve

Improve your mood and your disposition by analyzing your attitude

Intuitive Eating Journal - Angie Ramos Life Coaching

Improve your health, change the relationship with food and reconnect with your body.

What’s inside:


3 months of planning


Hunger and Fullness scale


Awareness checklist


Reasons to create a healthy lifestyle template


90-Days Wellness Goal Planner


Monthly goal planner


Weekly meal planner


Gratitude Journal


Daily reflection


Daily Food Tracker


Habit Tracking

Intuitive Eating Journal - Angie Ramos Life Coaching

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