My name is Angie

Having a profound change consists of opening up and accepting everything that you already are, letting out that light that is inside you to create an absolutely wonderful life.

I am a Mexican living in Canada for quite some time now, and I have two beautiful girls who allow me to grow and to realize the importance of life. In the professional area, I worked as a Project Manager in Information Technology for more than 15 years.
After having my two daughters, everything changed, my priorities changed and my profession that I so gladly pursued – at least that’s what I thought – no longer fulfilled me. That was where I realized that I was living in total stress, without truly enjoying life and always looking for new challenges and knowledge with which I could feel valuable and successful.
I realized that I was going through life silencing my deepest desires, distracting myself with things that in the end didn’t make me feel good. Always looking for one more goal, one more objective with which to justify my worth and value.

Perfection not only takes you away from what you truly want, but it also makes you develop a mentality where you feel that you are not good enough or that you do not deserve to have all the good things in life.

My hunger to develop a fuller awareness and feel good about myself deepened; that’s when I really started working on myself.
In 2014, I decided to create a personal development site where I dedicated myself to sharing tools, practices, and exercises that could help people develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.
This is how I came to know Tony Robbins and his coaching training program; I became certified as a coach and hypnotist and developed a method that could help my clients to make real changes in their lives.

Angie Ramos

Going even deeper into this journey of exploration, I was also able to realize so many things we are trying to accomplish in our daily life when in reality, it only takes us further away from what we really want. In my case, it didn’t matter how much more I accomplished, how much more productive I became, or how much more knowledge I could acquire because I just kept feeling a void that I needed to fill.
I consistently see so many women that are living in an eternal battle to balance their personal and professional lives. Always looking outside themselves to know how to improve their love relationships, how to develop confidence in themselves, how to feel good in their own skin and love their body, trying to enjoy everyday life with their loved ones.

I see myself in them, this is one of the reasons I strive to create and develop courses and workshops that take you by the hand so that you can implement techniques in an easy, simple and above all effective way, creating habits that last for a lifetime.

The most profound change I had happened when I decided to open my heart and connect with my feminine side, the creative, loving and open side to the adventure of life.

You have the power to transform the quality of life that you have.

It is not about becoming someone else, but about bringing out your true self, that one that is already inside you waiting to emerge.

Without limitations, without restrictions, you in all your splendour.

We do not need more “productive”, stressed and tired women, trying to always be at their 100%, trying to achieve more goals. Today more than ever we need people who feel good in their own skin, who are open to healing their wounds, who have the openness to take responsibility for creating their life as they dream it.

As a goal-oriented and perfectionist woman in healing, I know that sometimes we are so focused on the outside that our lives seem to go unnoticed. We go from one place to another without paying attention to what is happening in each moment, getting up every day to go to work, half aware of what we eat and do throughout the day, distracting ourselves with binge-watching movies or series on Netflix or spending hours on the Internet, and hoping that tomorrow everything could be different or expecting some kind of miracle that could take us out of this sleepy state.

I know how scary it can be to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to feel your emotions deeply, and to go within to find your true happiness.

I know how difficult it can be to make the decision to get to know yourself and to let out the best of you, trying to silence the fear of being hurt, rejected or feeling like a failure.

Opening yourself to your vulnerability is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure.


About Angie Ramos

We all want to feel good, we want better love relationships and have a job that makes us happy. We want to have more money and abundance in our lives, we want to have more confidence in ourselves or be able to risk doing things that we had not imagined before, but we do not realize that all these is an internal job.

If we continue to look outside ourselves for someone who can make us feel loved, accepted or successful, we will probably spend our lives half asleep wishing for that miracle to happen in our lives that allows us to be happy or fulfilled.

To allow yourself to bring out all your virtues and strengths you need to focus on building a strong relationship with yourself, changing your inner conversation, making peace with the person you see in the mirror, healing past wounds and learning to live with yourself feeling openly and deeply.

Today I am here to share with you my transformation process focused on healing, changing your limiting ideas and developing self-love and self-esteem that allow you to recognize all that amazing treasure you have inside yourself, feeling good about yourself and extend that well-being and balance to all areas of your life.

Of course, this is my company and I live from it, for which I am deeply grateful but my main commitment is to guide you on the path of discovering your inner power so that you live fully, in love, happiness and harmony with yourself and with the people around you.

You will realize that many of my tools are free, I write and share information that if you practice daily, it will help you achieve your dream life.

I have an unwavering devotion to help you transform your life so that you can live it more deeply, expressively and find the absolute meaning of it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit me. I am delighted that we are connected and am excited for the journey that lies ahead.

With love,

Angie Ramos - Transformation coaching

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