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This day we will work on accepting and loving ourselves unconditionally.

The work you will do today is extremely related to what you did yesterday because in order for you to have a good self-esteem is critical that accept yourself. As you can see in this first part of the challenge we will work on our self-image, and all the work you will be doing, although sometimes it may look a little bit repetitive it is not. There are specific things that we need to work on for us to have a healthy and positive self-image. This will be the base of your transformation and it will provide the structure for you to build a new and more fulfilled life.

As I told you yesterday, I see that the root of all our problems is the way we think of ourselves and how we present ourselves to people based on that way of thinking. Sometimes, we are so used to this kind of negative internal conversations that we don’t even pay attention to it anymore and even less conscious of the way we speak to ourselves. Now is the time to really pay attention to those destructive ideas we have constantly in our minds and the constant negativity we aim towards our own body and personality.

Loving yourself can change your whole world

You will notice that as soon as you modify the way you see yourself and love yourself unconditionally your entire life will change. Sometimes, we don’t really know how to love ourselves, or we think we do, but do we really? I mean who will immediately accept that they hate themselves, right? Well, let me tell you that when you analyze the way you speak about you or your inner chatter, you will recognize that there is a negative pattern that you haven’t even realized you have. And more importantly, one that is impacting your performance and the way you live.

Take some time to analyze your behaviors, for example, what happens when you make a mistake or when something you planned didn’t come out the way you wanted? What do you really tell to yourself, are you positive or do you tend to think negative stuff? Are you happy or are you waiting to be thinner, taller or any quality you wish you had in order to be happy? Or maybe you are waiting to have something or to be in some other place so that you can start enjoying your life?

Can you see the pattern here? This kind of behavior only shows that the love you feel for yourself is based on something else, is not unconditional. So, in order to enjoy yourself no matter what you need to start investing more time in developing your mind, your body, and your soul. It is important that you start to do more activities that help you to connect to yourself, like for example meditation, mindfulness or just simply start practicing gratitude. You’ll see that all these habits will help you to reduce the negative self-talking and to be more mindful of the things you say to yourself.

Habits and practices that will help you accept and love yourself unconditionally

Be mindful

During this challenge, I invite you to be aware of your thoughts and your patterns. Only by being conscious of your thoughts and negative patterns you will discover what kind of things you need to work to improve.

After you have identified this patterns, you can use positive affirmations to change them for more positive ideas.

Be patient

If you keep doing the things you don’t like, it is crucial that you be gentle with yourself. It is perfectly normal, and it will take some time for you to make the change, so each time you feel you are not progressing, consciously try to tell yourself:

I’m not that person anymore; I’m in the process of transforming myself.

Surround yourself with positive people

Try to be around positive individuals, if someone is negative or you know that the individual has a lot of negative behaviors is better to avoid them or try to limit the time you spend with them. When you start changing and being more positive you’ll realize that you find more positive people in your life, and you’ll make new friends, or maybe some people will return to your life.

Daily affirmation

Try to practice this statement all day long and add some other affirmations you would like to practice that will help you to develop true love for yourself.


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