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Before beginning any process of transformation or change in our lives, it is advisable to carry out a self-analysis exercise. This will allow you to know how you are currently doing in different areas of your life and have an appropriate vision of what we want to achieve in this period of transformation. That is why here I share with you this excellent tool that most life coaches use: The wheel of life.

Wheel of life - Angie Ramos Life Coaching

Wheel of life

The wheel of life is a very effective tool to improve the balance of your life. It helps you to graphically identify the areas in your life where you need to spend more energy and more work immediately. It also helps you understand where you need to set limits.

The Wheel of Life is divided into different categories or areas that are important to most of us. The way this wheel of life works is that we ourselves evaluate our level of satisfaction in each of the areas or categories.

Evaluate how you feel in your life

Change is constant in our lives, and therefore we will always find a way in which we can improve in a certain area or achieve a balance.

Think a bit about your career, your health, your body, the way you relate to people or your life with your partner. How are you doing right now? Do you think any of these areas can improve? Or maybe you feel like you need to put effort into bringing all areas into balance?

Think about what parts of your life you have left behind to pay attention to others, reflect in general how stressed or angry you are day by day.

A very important question you can start to think about is how satisfied are you currently with your life?

Assessment with the Wheel of life - Angie Ramos Life Coaching
Balance - Angie Ramos - Life coaching

Achieve true balance

The Wheel of Life is a way to carefully analyze each facet of your life and evaluate your level of quality in each of those areas. This is how you can discover which areas need your attention right now.

In the following test, I will help you evaluate each area so that you can see which part is out of balance and makes you feel that you don’t feel so good in general.

If you see it as a wheel (that’s why it’s called the Wheel of Life), it will help you recognize the points that are closest to the center which needs your attention the most.

By getting this overview of your life, you will be able to identify where you are doing well and where there is scope for you to improve. This will help you figure out where the differences are between where you are today and where you want to be.

Transform your life

In order to make a change, we need to know what we want to change, where we want to go, who we want to be.

There is no change if you do not first realize that there is something you need to improve, so for any process of growth and personal improvement it is important to start with this first step.

The analysis of the wheel of your life. Take the Wheel of Life test, get a glimpse of what areas you can improve and some tips to help you start your transformation.

Transform your life - Angie Ramos Life coaching

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